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Berrak İlkcan Şener

Industrial Designer

Born in Fethiye, studied in Eskisehir and based as a designer in Istanbul, Berrak found her curiosity for details at an early age while exploring daily objects and assembly techniques with her father who is an engineer. Recently awarded by BigSee for her design of the Rimo Armchair, Berrak completed her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at Anadolu University. During her education, she participated in a student exchange program at HAWK Hochschule University, Hildesheim. During her time there, she explored the design culture and its history and was nurtured by elements of Europe’s rich design heritage, such as the Bauhaus Influence and the Dutch De Stijl movement.

Moving forward she based her designs on these influences, combining them with her unique ideas. Aiming for timeless, clean and functional product designs; Berrak creates durable and user friendly products which are also timeless in their look.