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A Sustainable Future

We really do care... About society, about the environment, about the economy.

We care about how we impact the environment. We care about people; we care about women, we care about young people. We care, because we want to leave the right kind of legacy for future generations. All our activities in manufacturing and management have sustainability in mind, constantly setting ourselves new goals. We want to become more and more in harmony with nature and good practices when using resources.

Our Journey

Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals list of 17 main subjects as a yardstick, we have set up an internal team that prods, probes and pushes the whole company to do better. We’ve based our studies on GRI Standards, and our internal sustainability team is working on developing all environmental, social and economic aspects of our company in accordance with these standards.


Our resources are finite, so we owe it to future generations to change how we use them.

We use FSC certified timber in our products.
We use REACH compliant steel to ensure that any steel used is below the limit value of restricted substances.
We use water based adhesives to eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
We choose PE Rope that is 30% recyclable to make sure our plastic consumption has the least negative effect on the environment.
In 2020 we stopped using chrome plating and invested in sustainable PVD Coating methods and machinery. Since then, all our coloured steel parts are coated using this technology.
We are working with local suppliers to support them in developing their recycled product choices, so that we start using more locally produced sustainable materials and lower our products’ carbon footprint.

Paint & Varnish

We make sure we choose materials, stains, and dyes that have lower level VOC emissions to ensure that products are not harmful to the atmosphere.

We make sure the VOC values of the paints and dyes used in our furniture are in line with the limits of international standards so that the health and environmental impact of our products are not harmful.
We use water based varnishes and stains that are are in line with the limits of international Low VOC standards.


70% of our standard fabric options are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner with Oeko-Tex, Greenguard and/or EU Eco Label certificates.

50% of our standard outdoor fabrics are up to 100% recycled.
We have started to use sustainably manufactured foam in our upholstery and by 2023 all our upholstered products will have been made with this foam by 2025.


60% of our cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials.
Also, 100% of our packaging is recyclable and the plastic bags we use for protection is made from D2W added, biodegradable material.

Energy & Environment

Our commitment to sustainability is also evident in the area of energy consumption. We use green electricity and are I-REC certified.

In line with our aim of becoming a greenbuilding by 2030, we are linking all the improvements to our aim of lessening our negative impact on the environment and society at large. To align our activities and our employees we are working on a Sustainbility Report, which will become our comapany’s guide to all plans, actions and activities.
We have started the use of automatic water taps to lessen the use of running water.
We use local waste disposal and decontamination services run by the Council.

Carbon Footprint

When we ship products by truck to Europe and the UK, we minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact by using carbon offset certified shipping.

This allows us to reduce our carbon emissions and also support our sustainability efforts externally when delivering products to our customers.

Our white collar employees have a hybrid working arrangement. This has enabled us to lessen our carbon footprint and also helps us be more energy efficient.

Equality & Social Rights

We are striving to ensure that all our relations, whether with our employees, our suppliers, our project partners or the local community, are in line with UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also urge others to follow in line with this approach.

We are ISO45001 (Health and Safety) certified, and this is reassessed every year.

We really do focus on the wellbeing of our employees and have a very high retention level; some of our blue collar employees are 2nd generation, and a lot of our white collar staff have joined us after their graduation and are still with us after 10 years.

We are a company that employs around 300 people, 30% of whom are under the age of 30, and of whom, 44% of white collar employees are women.

We believe everyone should be, and and ensure that everyone is treated equally regardless of race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, religion, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Quality & Test

We are an ISO14001 (Environment Management) and ISO9001 (Quality Control) certified, RIBA & BIID CPD Accredited manufacturer. We are consistently making more improvements to become more streamline and making the factories more productive with regards to human and energy resources, optimising the organisational flow of activities and also the insulation of the buildings.

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