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Enis Altınkaynak

Industrial Designer

Based in Eskisehir, Enis was always fond of exploring his imagination via his drawings. Guided by his primary school teachers to arts&crafts, he slowly shifted his ambition to becoming a designer.
Graduating from Anadolu University, he proceeded on to a master’s degree at Marmara University where he continues his research on the effects of modern technologies within the area of product design, while lecturing upcoming Industrial Designers at Beykent University. While enjoying every Design ideology, Enis actually prefers to follow a totaliterian approach when it comes to design.

Always having the whole process in mind, he tries to evaluate all options and create the best solution to the design problem he is facing. Playing chess games as a hobby, Enis holds the cause and effect relation higher than any element for his designs. Always trying to reach excellence, he is fond of learning about materials and production processes in order to master them. Always aiming to apply his approach to design methodology to his lifestyle, in his designs, Enis tries to reach a conclusion that incorporates design thinking and expertise.